Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mens Circle this week

Hey Guys

We're on at Bethesda Renewal Centre from 7pm - 9pm;
 this Monday, February 27.
The spiritual thread remains - the Psychology of Boyhood.
* please bring a picture (or 2 or 3) of yourself when you were a boy.
* What archetype does it seem to capture?  Is it accurate?

Social time will follow at the Big Rig Kitchen on Iris.

You can go on your own or with the carpool from St Joe's.
Re Car Pool ... 
Folks meet-up in St Joe's Staff parking lot at 6:15.
The objective is that cars depart by 6:20.

Confirmations would be appreciated for everyone;
 and ESSENTIAL if participating in CAR POOL

So far, it looks like a sunny and fairly warm day;
 * come prepared for a long campfire.


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