Hi and welcome to this blog / website for the Male Spirituality Circle - Ottawa

Tips for using the site ...
1.  Use "Labels" to re-sort the posts & change the left hand 'Sidebar'
     a) To do: Look for (and click) the top option on the right side menu icon-bar (which is hidden)
     b) This will help you sort by:
          > theme ... various topics or key phrases in male spirituality or Christianity
               archetypes, grieving, powerlessness
          > author ... specific contributors directly, or indirectly referenced.
               Thomas Merton, Richard Rohr, Saint Paul, Rumi, Ray Simpson;
               Contributors to this blog
          > genre ... poetry, comedy, sharing, prayer, teaching

2.  Blogging & Contributions:
     While we try to be as honest as possible about our spiritual journeys;
     this particular Blog is not an attempt to 'live out' our lives in public.

     If you'd like to blog about an event at the Circle or a book or something;
     You can forward it to me and I can post, or we can grant you access as an author.




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