What's a MROP ... and worldwide schedule for 2017 

stands for Mens Rites of Passage:
It's a 4-5 day retreat that's utterly worthwhile for all, and usually life changing for most.
Several men in Ottawa, about 12 or so, have done one; many of these guys are linked to the Circle.

We've included some links to sites and videos which will be helpful to understand what it's about.  Some of those links are below, where we list the upcoming MROPs; you'll get a feel for how the host sites present them.  The MROPs themselves are similar and follow a structure that has been set up by Richard Rohr for 20 years.

There's nothing particularly secretive about it, in fact, Rohr talks at length about it in this book "Adam's Return."

The Mens Work (started by Rohr) - including the MROP - continues now under the new umbrella organization  ILLUMAN ... please check their website.

For MROP locations and dates -

Go to for more info, Contacts, Registration

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