While we don't often publish our spiritual themes in advance of a circle (though sometimes we might); these are a few of the threads (even tools) that we weave in. (Some of the themes are also 'Labels' used to categorize our blog posts).
  • Essence and Identity
  • Perception as participation and being (in the Kingdom of God)
  • Transformation vs Reformation 
  • Grace and Justification
  • The 4 main archetypes of the Male Psyche: King, Lover, Magician & Warrior
       by Robert Moore - Phd.
  • Shadows (of the archetypes) and the true and false self 
  • The role of initiation
  • Liminal Space
  • Mentoring
  • Shape of the journey of transformation; One of Descent & Rising 
  • Grief Work
  • Powerlessness and Grace
  • Indwelling Presence and mutuality
  • The 5 Mysteries Men must Learn (Richard Rohr)
  • Treating St Paul's message on Grace as a hypothesis to be lived out and verified
        by our experience.  Practically, what does it mean that
          "It's no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me."

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