Friday, June 22, 2018

Mens Circle - confirmed Monday June 25th at Bethesda

Hey Brothers

This is just a quick note with the confirmation and reminder that:

The next Male Spirituality Open Circle is Monday June 25th.
     at Bethesda Renewal Centre;
     note -- Summer Start time of 7:30pm - til about 9:30
     Carpool time has also changed to 6:50 at St Joe's.
     Newcomers are welcome, feel free to invite a friend.
     as we get back to our Nature - fellowship, drumming, fire and silence
     there is usually a social hour at Sonny's Bar & Grill,
       1119 Baxter Road  Ottawa On K2C 3R4
       (close to IKEA off Iris)

    RSVP's are very useful for planning / RSVP's are essential for carpooling

Other items down the road -- Plans for a BBQ for the Circle
We will do one, and we're looking at a July date
   * Likely to be the last Monday of the month or July 23 or 30th - we'll confirm ASAP

Just a heads up ...the Indigenous communities have their annual Solstice Pow-Wow in Vincent Massey Park this weekend;
it's open to all ... here's the link

Have a great weekend,
 and hope to see you Monday.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

In the Ottawa Male Bag, week of May 22nd

Hey Brothers, here is an update what's happening in the upcoming weeks.

A few good things to remember and keep in prayer.

1. The next Ottawa Circle is Monday June 4th.
     Still at Bethesda; note -- Summer Start time of 7:30pm. (not 7:00pm)
     Carpool time has also changed to 6:50 at St Joe's.
     Newcomers are welcome, feel free to invite a friend.

2.  Ottawa has a contingent heading to New Mexico for the Men's Rites of Passage - this weekend.
     Please pray for Joe Michniewicz (the younger), Andrew Campbell and Bart Sullivan (a new guy);
     Actually today, at 3 pm our time, they'll be catching the bus up to Ghost Ranch.
     (I miss that place!  18 years ago today - I was on that bus ... )
     Go deep brothers!
3.  Neil Purves hosts his annual 'ManUp' Retreat for over 100 young men at his high school - Immaculata.
     We've gathered that many djembe drums for this special event and unique young mens circle.
     This event is Monday May 28 ... prayers much appreciated.

4.  Speaking of Djembes ... we get to borrow ours from the Bluesfest School of Music.
     This month we (the circle) took action to get 3 of them fixed up; new skins and a tune up.
     It's our contributions that make that happen.  So thanks everyone!  (it was $200)

5.  If you're thinking of an MROP this year ... there's still a couple left - so you can make it happen.
      > Chicago in August,  and
      > New York in September
     These can be pricey (about $750 Cdn converted) but one can apply for a bursary on the City's website. 
     Sometimes the sites will give Canadians the retreat at par ... so about $550. ... but one has to request it.
     Also New York is drivable (so that cut's down on additional travel costs)
     Go to

6.  Illuman ... we in Ottawa and some brothers from across Ontario, 
     are looking to deepen our affiliation with them, and our Illuman brothers across Canada.
     Illuman is the organization founded by men like us, who, influenced by Rohr's mens work, 
     want to continue to offer a transformative spiritual journey for men -- across the world -- 
     - which includes offering Richard's Rites of Passage.

    Mark Bonnet, of Ottawa, has said yes to being the Contact guy for Illuman - Canada East.

     In future emails (maybe later this week), I will - 
     a) invite you to sign up with Illuman Canada (we are starting a nation wide network)
         it's been this network that connected us with Jim Mallen and Bart Sullivan in the past 3-4 months.
     b) send you a copy of 'Drumbeat' - Illuman's Online Newsletter.  
          you can decide if you want to subscribe to it; I think it's free. 
          You can also do it now on Illuman's website

One final opportunity to consider --- connected to Rohr's work, and our Spiritual Seekers group - in Ottawa.
 I'm looking to start a Rohr Improv group ... basically to 'play' around in Rohr's work,
 towards creating dramas and / or rituals; trying to bring life to his ideas.
 Some of these might come into use at our men's circle.   
 If you feel drawn to this kind of thing ... please let me know - which of the following dat
 I'd like to have our first gathering next week -- Tues or Wed May 29 or 30th.
 This will be a mixed event (men and women).  
 We will start with the 'Revolving Hall of Mirrors' (a.k.a. the prison of illusion and the false self.)

Have a great week, 
 and looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday June 4th out in the woods.

Deepest regards
Dave Perry


Monday, March 27, 2017

Male Spirituality Circle - is On Tonight

Hey Brothers ...

We're on for tonight at 7pm at Bethesda.

Forecast is 40% chance of rain ... but either way we're on!
We'll either be around the fire or 'In the Shack'.

(- if you haven't yet - the book 'The Shack' is a great read)

Carpool from St Joe's at 6:15 ... if needing a ride - you must RSVP.

Our spiritual thread tonight ...
Usurping the Inner King:
Which of our archetypes - usually in their shadow form - undermines our own kingly authority?
or else put ...
Who in me (or what part of me) resists my deepest call to move forward in wholeness and becoming a generative man?

Have a great week,
by Grace,

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mens Circle this week

Hey Guys

We're on at Bethesda Renewal Centre from 7pm - 9pm;
 this Monday, February 27.
The spiritual thread remains - the Psychology of Boyhood.
* please bring a picture (or 2 or 3) of yourself when you were a boy.
* What archetype does it seem to capture?  Is it accurate?

Social time will follow at the Big Rig Kitchen on Iris.

You can go on your own or with the carpool from St Joe's.
Re Car Pool ... 
Folks meet-up in St Joe's Staff parking lot at 6:15.
The objective is that cars depart by 6:20.

Confirmations would be appreciated for everyone;
 and ESSENTIAL if participating in CAR POOL

So far, it looks like a sunny and fairly warm day;
 * come prepared for a long campfire.


Monday, January 30, 2017

Mens Circle tonight - confirmed

Hey Guys - 

Just a final note about tonight's gathering in the woods.

We're on at Bethesda Renewal Centre from 7pm - 9pm.
Social time will follow at the Big Rig Kitchen on Iris.

You can go on your own or with the carpool from St Joe's.

Many of you have RSPV'd over the past few weeks.  Thanks.
 If you haven't please do so.

Also - re Car Pool ... 
Folks meet-up in St Joe's Staff parking lot at 6:15.
The objective is that cars depart by 6:20.

I would like a re-confirmation of all car-poolers (drivers and riders)
 - except Antony(I got you down)


p.s. dress warm - it's gonna be chilly.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In the Male Bag- January 2017

Hey Guys:

Well our dinner last week was wonderful, thanks to all who came out for the big chill - a very relaxing time.
Thanks especially to Rob Clairmont and Mark Dallaire - for co-hosting.

We're also looking forward to welcoming back Iype -- who, if all things went well -- is now married;
 and has dragged a dear young woman (Elsa) to Canada. Details to follow.

1. Men's Circle - next Monday night, January 30th; 7 - 9:15 pm ... out at Bethesda as usual.
  Carpool from St Joe's about 6:15-6:20 (depart)
   RSVP's required. Please bring your own drum if possible.
   see our website for more info "Next Circle"

   Our theme this Monday is:
    Introducing the "Journey Among the Archetypes - an invitation for all men in 2017 "
        starting with "a Preview Boy Psychology - the 4 archetypes look like in childhood"    We'll also discuss-
      > How the journey can include the Retreat with Fr Jim Clarke (see below)?
      > How to begin the journey right away - if you haven't already?
      > How might you bring this into your small group?  Or group of buddies?   Or starting a small study group?

    ** The book is available on Amazon for $13 or so -- here's the link
         "King Lover Magician Warrior" by Robert Moore (Phd) 

     The piece on 'Boy Psychology" is Part 1 of this book; which we'll look at in more depth in February;
      we'll just Preview it this Monday.

2. A major Clarification about the Men's Retreat in 2017
   The Men's Weekend Retreat with Fr Jim Clarke at Galilee on August 18-20, 2017 is 'BACK ON' and Confirmed.
   * Please save the date.
   * Reservations (with early bird rates) begin February 15.
   * Heads up! - space is limited to 25 men - and the spots could go quickly.
   * It's part of a broader invitation to journey in 2017 with language and lens of the archetypes.  
   * Fuller details will be sent out this weekend;
Finally, here's a preview to a movie (you can watch whole thing on Netflix) called "The Mask You Live In" -- very worthwhile.
 It may even you get you in touch with your own story as a boy and young man.

Have a great week.
RSVP's are very helpful - as we need to cap numbers at 18 (that's all we can jam into the Cabin.)

in Gratitude